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Review: Bastard’s Waltz

When you hear the names Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson in a movie, you know you will be entertained.  I have been a fan of Samuel L Jackson, since he acted in those Spike Lee movies going back to School Daze. Since then, many of his movies have been hit or miss, but I can definitely say his turn a Mace Windu In Star Wars Episodes I-III, is probably one of the better acted roles in the series, one that still resonates with fans.  My favorite tur by the veteran actor, is his portrayal of Stephen in Django Unchained, a sinister slave who will do whatever it takes to stay on the good side of his Master.

Ryan Reynolds also is an actor most people underestimate as he usually plays some kind of “Smart Alec” mainly from roles like Van Wilder, and from playing the ultimate wisecracker, Deadpool. His role in The Voices proves he is more than a barrel of laughs, as his range in the movie, proves that he is one of our preeminent actors.  That is why when I saw both in The Hitman’s Bodyguard, the movie was nothing but both actors in their element. In the Bastard’s Waltz, we get similar setup but with a supervillain and a Secret Service agent.

We meet John the Bastard, a notorious supervillain, who looks to be holding up a bank, until he asks the police on the scene for the protection of a Secret Service agent, Ezekiel Sweet. John finds himself being hunted, as a new player who goes by the name of Nero, comes into the picture, and looks to take him out no matter the cost, as Nero’s bloodlust leaves a trial of bodies in his wake. John and Ezekiel go on the run, as the two looks for sanctuary with various associates, as they get to know each other even better as they fight off every single villain who comes for John’s head. By book’s end, a surprise twist about how John is connected to Zeke, as everything comes full circle leaving our protagonists forever changed.

Overall, a compelling action-packed barn burner that will forever change how you look at odd couple stories. The story by Mark Bertolini is layered, compelling and exhilarating. The art by Giovanni Guida is engaging. Altogether, a story you will not soon forget and will have you flipping through it again to see what you may have missed reading the first time.

Story: Mark Bertolini Art: Giovanni Guida
Story: 9.6 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.59 Recommendation: Buy