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Mimoco Releases Fresh MIMOBOT® USB Flash Drive Designs by Pervasive Artist Gary Baseman

Official Press Release

Mimoco welcomes Baseman’s popular characters HotChaChaCha and Toby to the MIMOBOT Artist Series Collection

BOSTON, MA, November 23, 2010 – Mimoco, renowned maker of MIMOBOT® designer USB flash drives, and contemporary artist, Gary Baseman, announce their newest MIMOBOT collaboration — HotChaChaCha and Toby MIMOBOT drives available in 2GB to 16GB memory capacities. Both are popular characters featured in Baseman’s exhibits as painted works and vinyl toy pieces. The newly minted and limited edition MIMOBOT drives are Baseman’s second set to join the MIMOBOT collection.

Mimoco’s version of Toby and HotChaChaCha deliver all the cuddly, curious and “quirky-naughty” noted aspects of a Gary Baseman piece. FromToby’s loveable outstretched arms and all-knowing eye to HotChaChaCha’s devil fangs, horns, and angelic halos, the MIMOBOT creations are uncanny impressions of their original forms. HotChaChaCha MIMOBOT comes in a glow-in-the-dark colorway, making it one of the few glowing characters in Mimoco’s lineup.

“Baseman is the crown prince of pervasive art and we’re thrilled to be releasing two more of his beloved characters as MIMOBOTs,” says Evan Blaustein CEO and Founder of Mimoco. “Toby and HotChaChaCha are perfect in MIMOBOT form and totally encapsulate our mission to infuse everyday technology with pop art.”

Both Toby and HotChaChaCha MIMOBOT are available for purchase today at http://www.mimoco.com. Each drive also comes pre-loaded with character-specific bonus content like images, wallpapers, avatars, and more.

Gary Baseman is a contributor to Mimoco’s ongoing Artist Series, along with contemporary artists and designers such as Friendswithyou, David Horvath and Undoboy.

About Mimoco:
Boston-based design house Mimoco fuses the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices and is well known in both the pop-culture driven Art Toy underground and the high-tech electronic world. The MIMOBOT USB flash drive line includes original characters and licenses from Star Wars™, Hello Kitty®, tokidoki®, and Domo™, to pop-artists like David Horvath and Friendswithyou. MIMOBOT flash drives are available in up to 16GB capacities, are Mac and Windows compatible, and include preloaded bonus content. Learn more at http://www.mimoco.com.

About Gary Baseman:
Pervasive Artist. Painter. TV/Movie Producer. Toy Designer. Curator. The LA Times describes his art “adorably perverse.” One of the leaders of the Los Angeles underground art movement, who coined the term “pervasive art,” Mr. Baseman blurs the line between toy culture and fine art with his strong iconic images, both playful and dark, childlike and adult, id driven and thought-provoking. Mr. Baseman’s work is surreal. Innocent. Lustful. Honest. Dripping with Desire. Creamy. Gooey. Everywhere. Mr. Baseman has exhibited around the world in Rome, Los Angeles, NYC, Taipei, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Berlin, including an installation at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, paintings and sculptures in MOCA Shanghai, and a two-man show at the Laguna Art Museum titled Pervasion. Mr. Baseman’s previous incarnations include the three-time Emmy award winning creator/executive producer of the animated series and film “Teacher’s Pet;” The New Yorker, Time, and Rolling Stone artist; and designer for the best selling game “Cranium.” Entertainment Weekly Magazine named Baseman as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Entertainment.