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Preview: Fubar: By the Sword


$16.95 PRINT

From the castles of medieval England to the unstoppable armies of Genghis Khan, these 25 tales of zombie-stabbing action traverse the histories of the ancient world before the machinery of modern combat was perfected. These were brutal times when you either LIVED by the sword or DIED by the horde!



Review: Mother Russia TPB

Mother Russia TPBHaving survived the zombie apocalypse that ended World War II, Svetlana Gorshkav, also known as ‘Mother Russia’, risks everything she has built for the life of a small child. Understanding Svetlana’s willingness to sacrifice the safe life she has created for a stranger’s is truly the heart of this story. Mother Russia works with large ideas such as the value of family, the worth of innocent life, and the indoctrination of political ideals, all while creating a highly suspenseful story of one young woman trying to survive the end of the world any way she can.

The story opens with very minimal dialogue, which helps truly show the lonely life that Svetlana now leads. Her only escapes from the monotony of the highest room of a tower overlooking Stalingrad within which she lives, is to read, exercise, and shoot the zombie horde walking below. This all changes when she sees a small child in her scope and decides to run and save him. Her rescue attempt quickly goes awry until she is saved by a dog named Brunhilde and her owner, Major Otto Steiner. From there, the four begin a plan to move from the shelter they find themselves in, where supplies are running low, towards a place where there is enough food and water to survive a bit longer.

The interaction between the four main characters are truly where the larger aforementioned ideas are truly fleshed out. Writer and artist Jeff McComsey does a fantastic job creating a sense of caring between these characters, especially considering the child and dog cannot even speak. In the midst of the apocalypse, Otto has created an unbreakable bond with the only family member he has left, Brunhilde. Their strong bond is evident every moment they are together. To say Svetlana and Otto become family is a stretch but, their bond is built more on their perceived value of life and how little of it is left. Even though Svetlana does not completely trust him because he fought for the Nazi Regime, she begins to understand how those ingrained political ideologies she learned fighting the German enemy means nothing when the true enemy is not even human. These ideas are very well done and help the story, which could have easy fallen into the ‘just another zombie book’ category, into something more; a very intimate look at humans and the lengths they will go to survive.Mother Russia TBP 2

The art only helps to enhance the story. The entire narrative is done in black and white, creating a bleak sense of dread. Each zombie looks unique and hideous. The violence of seeing bullets fly through their rotting flesh is appropriately gory. The action panels are well laid out and create a sense of tension as the zombie hordes continue to close in despite the survivors best efforts. The more intimate moments are equally as impressive. The decaying, and dark buildings are haunting. Each room is well detailed and, in many instances, the remains of former lives from before the apocalypse tell a story all their own and help enhance the use of minimal dialogue in many places.

Following the main story are three backups titled, The Sniper, The Child, and Kindern. These three tales help flesh out the history of what happened during the lead up to the zombie apocalypse. Each story is heartbreaking and insightful in its own way but, does take away a bit from the original story by taking some of the mystery out of who these people are. Although, they do add an extra layer of knowledge for the reader as to how this all occurred, even if the reasoning is nothing groundbreaking or new. The art is as solid as the rest of the book, with the art in The Child by Giles Crawford being especially impressive, creating a dreamlike sensation as we follow the journey of the child which Svetlana eventually discovers.

Overall, this is a fantastic story that explores large ideas but never forgets that when the zombies take over, sometimes you just have to fight to survive.

Story: Jeff McComsey Art: Jeff McComsey, Steve Willhite, and Giles Crawford
Story: 9 Art: 8 Overall 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Alterna Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Fubar: Declassified


story and art by Various Contributors
126 pages
Graphic Novel

The United States government has flatly denied the existence of undead combatants on the battlefield for years. But thanks to numerous “Freedom of Information Act” requests, we can finally share these tales of guts and glory with you. From the bloody Bay of Pigs invasion to the mountains of Afghanistan, FUBAR presents a dirty dozen of the most highly classified missions of all time.


Fubar Press now an official imprint of Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics has announced that Jeff McComsey‘s Fubar Press has joined forces with Alterna Comics as an official imprint.  Fubar Press will follow in the creator-owned mentality that Alterna is known for and will be headed by President and Publisher Jeff McComsey, Art Director Steve Becker, and Story Editor Jeff McClelland. The imprint will operate under the Alterna Comics banner as it always has but will have their own submissions, story ideas, and creative teams centering around a mash-up of historical-horror fiction.

Branching out with the Mother Russia mini-series by Jeff McComsey, the brand is set to build on the unique story-telling and phenomenal artwork that readers have been enjoying since 2010.

Having known the Fubar guys for a while now, congrats!

Fubar Mother Russia

SDCC 2014: 215 Ink’s Jennie Wood and Flutter

jennie wood flutter215 Ink’s Jennie Wood, creator of Flutter, is coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2014. You can meet her at the Flutter booth, located at M-06 in the small press section.

Chuck Dixon and Jeff McClelland will be joining Wood at the Flutter booth for a FUBAR signing too!

FUBAR is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling zombie anthology series. Stop by the booth for more information, including the exact day and time of the signing.

While at Comic-Con International, Wood will have copies of Flutter, Volume One: Hell Can Wait, which The Advocate calls one of the best LGBT graphic novels of 2013.

Wood will also have info on her upcoming 215 Ink release, the YA novel, A Boy Like Me, due out 9/4/2014, and a sneak peak of Flutter, Volume Two: Don’t Let Me Die Nervous.

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It’s Friday which means the weekend is here!  Yay!

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NYCC 2010: The Aftermath

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My shelves sag and strain a little bit more and long boxes overstuffed with new comics, but the large volume of comics and graphic novels alone will keep us busy for quite a while.

Below is a snapshot of all of the items I came home with.  Highlights include:

  • Charles Soule gave out guitar picks for his upcoming comic 27.
  • With Fubar you got a graphic novel, some pins, posters and a few unique sketches.
  • I gushed when meeting Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá and their autographs is a prized posession.
  • I have a cute USB drive from Mimobot.
  • Archaia gave me quite a work out with a stack of graphic beautiful graphic novels including Return of the Dapper Men.
  • Rest from Top Cow looks beautiful.
  • Jerry Robinson was signing autographs, and I took advantage.
  • And finally Richard Miller hooked me up with a zombified portrait.

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