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Choice Quotes

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Age of Heroes #1

Mayor Jameson – You’ve got to have your thumb on the pulse of the public.  All good Mayors know that.  LaGuardia.  Lindsay.  Even that clown Koch knew it.  You know their hopes.  Their fears — especially their fears — you can use it to lead.  To guide them wherever you want.

Deathlok the Demolisher

Godwulf – The revolution is here, people, and it is being televised!  Deathlok has set the example, we only have to follow!  What do you have to lose but your cheap consumer goods?  Think globally and act locally!  Throw the #### out!

Ex Machina #49

Suzanne – You once asked me why so many engineers become suicide bombers?  It’s because non of you poor fucks know hot to score.  I don’t care if you’re into guys, girls, microwaves, whatever.  But if your kind blew your load once in a while, maybe you wouldn’t always be blowing up yourselves.


Mayor Hundred – I’m a politician Suzanne.  I lie.

Superman: War of the Supermen #3

Conner Kent – –think the founding fathers would be very disappointed in you jerks!

X-Men: Legacy #236

Cable – Fanatics don’t sign off until the job is done.