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Meet the Earth-11 Super Heroes of Multiversity: Teen Justice!

They debuted in DC’s Very Merry Multiverse and are appearing in DC Pride 2022, now Teen Justice crosses the DC Multiverse and stars in their own miniseries, Multiversity: Teen Justice! The secrets of Earth-11’s newest heroes and villains unfold in DC’s most exciting new team title by Ivan Cohen, Danny Lore, Marco Failla, Enrica Eren Angiolini, and Carlos M. Mangual!

The incredible debut issue, publishing on June 7, begins with an attack by the H.I.V.E. and ends in the Church of Blood. What is Sister Blood’s true mission among the lost souls of New York City? Can Teen Justice get through their growing pains fast enough to learn the answer in time to stop it? And what role will the mysterious Raven—the brooding hero who has refused to join the team in the past—play in the ultimate battle?

Get a few insights into the Teen Justice team dynamics in their descriptions below:

Multiversity: Teen Justice#1 features covers by Robbi Rodriguez (main), Stephanie Hans (open-to-order variant), Bengal (1:25 variant), and Failla & Angiolini (1:50 variant), publishes on June 7. As a bonus feature, the team’s introduction story, “To Stop the Star-Conqueress” by Ivan Cohen, Eleonora Carlini, Ulises Arreola and Becca Carey from DC’s Very Merry Multiverse, will be reprinted in this new issue.