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Review: Bad Moon Rising # 5

BadMoonCoverA few days ago I said I had five to one odds on the Werewolf Biker Gang. I wish I could really have made that bet with my bookie, because I’d be going to Disney Land right now.

Bad Moon Rising #5 is pure fun, with lots of action, a good storyline, and a host of indelible characters. The visuals are on point, capturing every snarl and bone-crushing maul in darkened vivid detail. Don’t believe me? Check out the two page spread below.

In this issue, the Lunar Cyclers go out on a midnight prowl, but come up against some local resistance. The townsfolk, tiring of the outfit’s thieving raids, plan to fight back. Brimming with over confidence in their gleaming automatic weaponry, they set out to meet their most assured supernatural doom. I’d feel bad for them, but it’s not like they weren’t warned to load up with silver bullets.

Meanwhile, Hanlon, our much wiser hero protagonist, and his new teammate, a grizzled, nembutal pill popping, subject matter expert on werewolf killing, band together to put an end to the werewolf biker crew.


So what are you waiting for? Hop on your “original fifty-seven straight leg rigid” and ride out to the comic book store. If you missed the first four print issues, good luck finding them; but hey, we live in the digital world … there are other options out there. And when you pick #5 up, don’t forget about the extras found within the 451 Burn card.

Story: Scott Rosenberg Adapted: Brandon Easton Pencils: Ty Dazo
 Colors: RV Fuentes & Raymund Lee Letters & Inks: Eugenio Perez Jr.
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy