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Elfquest: The Audio Movie Gets its Voice Cast

ElfQuest: The Audio Movie

Tim RussWill Friedle, Amber Benson, Clare Krame, Nicole Maines, and Robert Picardo have joined the cast of ElfQuest: The Audio Movie which is currently in production in Los Angeles, New York, and Maine. Picardo will be playing Picknose, and Friedle as Strongbow. Russ has been cast as Sun-Toucher, Benson will play Nightfall, with Maines as Dewshine, and Kramer as Clearbrook.

ElfQuest: The Audio Movie is expected to release in 2022.

ElfQuest: The Audio Movie, a cinematic audio adaptation of the hit fantasy comic books, features the previously announced stars: Cree Summer, Alejandro Saab, Divinity Roxx, Osric Chau, and Pun Bandhu.

Also added to the cast are Yasha JacksonAbie Ekenezar, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Zehra Fazal, Hugo Pierre Martin, Aaron Douglas, Clare Kramer, Jonathan M. Woodward, Thomas Trinh, and Ray Porter have also been added to the cast.

ElfQuest has been independently published since 1978, and the audio movie is funded by the franchise’s significant fanbase. The successful Kickstarter campaign wraps up on June 25, 2021. The fan supported model means that ElfQuest: The Audio Movie will be widely available across many podcast channels, bucking a current trend toward platform exclusivity.

ElfQuest: The Audio Movie will be directed and produced by audio drama pioneer Fred Greenhalgh, and co-produced with Jonathan Woodward, with creators Richard and Wendy Pini serving as executive producers. The audio movie will be made in association with The Fantasy Network and K4 Media. Casting by Stephanie Klapper Casting, NYC.