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Choice Quotes

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Each week we bring you quotes from comic books to show they’re not all “bam,” “pow” and “smack.”  Here’s this week’s Choice Quotes.

Avengers Academy #7

Reptil – Hello, Finesses… Due process of law?  You don’t execute people without a trial.

Hazmat – Now that’s priceless.  Reptil thinks we live in the world he read about in civics class.

Hank Pym – Believe in it or not, Hazmat, Constitutional rights still mean something.

DMZ #60

Narrator – Stupid war, endless war, professional war, political war… the notion that starting a war is somehow a security necessary.  No wonder people are in revolt.  They got a war declared on them, too

Choice Quotes

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Uncanny X-Men #525

Dr. Nemesis – Make no mistake: there’s a holocaust going on inside that dome.  This is the violent end of the mutant species in toto.

Young Allies #1

Greg – So this Warhead dud murdered people, right?  And he and his pals — The Bastards of Evil they call themselves — they celebrate it all online!  And now he’s escaped from custody and will no doubt kill again, so ultimately, I’m asking, what good does incarceration do?

Lauren – You’d suggest what, Greg?  To have him executed on the spot without due process?