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Review: Active Voice: The Comic Collection

In the world we live in, rapidly “being accepted,” is such a rare trait for humans to have. Suddenly, in our world, it has become so vogue to hate people. No longer are morals and good will, commonplace, but more of a trait that only exists in certain human beings and ones that people try to fake. As the recently passed Nelsan Ellis once said, “Being different makes me beautiful”.

Never has truer words been said and needs to be said especially in our current social and political climate which begs one to wonder are we seeing the decline of civilization? I like not to think so, I would like to think that people can accept everyone for who they are and we thrive because of our differences, not because of our shared commonalities. Recently, I heard of the PRISM awards, and was glad to hear of some of these comics that do not necessarily get the spotlight they deserve. One of those books was Active Voice – The Comic Collection, which incidentally started out a column.

In the first comic, “The Birth of An Activist,” P. Kristen Enos dives into what is not only an educational and horrifying look into racism and homophobia during the 1980s. In “First Day in The Sun.” Enos dives into the first LGBTQ parade they attended where they witnessed the beauty of queer diversity. In the comical “Mind Games,” Enos has multiple nightmares, where they dream of living a societal conformant life. In “The Republican Toastmaster,” Enos dives into a Toastmaster meeting, where everyone gets to do a speech, and one of them being clearly biased against LGBTQ individuals, infuriates them to the point where Enos introduced themselves as a Lesbian. In one of my favorite stories from the collection, “Above and Beyond,” Enos dives into a classmate’s unspoken family connections where her mother never identified to her children that was a Lesbian, despite the numerous clues, which leads her to be a minor sleuth.

Overall, an excellent collection of stories, although I highlighted a few of the stories, every one of the is equally germane and powerful, which just so happens to be true and allows to reader to check themselves in their behaviors and attitudes. The stories by Enos, is funny, smart, eye opening and very much relevant. Altogether, an interesting set of stories that will give the reader, a better understanding of who we are as humans.

Story: P. Kristen Enos and Heidi Ho
Art: Derek Chua, Leesamarie Croal, Casandra Grullon, Beth Varni, Dan Parent
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy