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Review: Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #1

Grimm Tales of Terror Presents: The Bridgewater Triangle #1

MTV’s foray into scripted programming has been a mixed bag of sorts. As animated shows like Daria and Beavis & Butthead are cultural icons and shows that are still relatable today. There is unintentionally consistent but gory Scream which failed to truly grab an audience. Then there’s the superior Teen Wolf, a remake television series based on the well liked Michael J. Fox film.

The television show took what was a funny if not typical teenage supernatural comedy and made it into a pulse-pounding thriller. It took the charm of the movie and made it an action-packed and masterfully told story revolving around a werewolf and his friends, both human and supernatural. The mythology that the show built upon was immense where the town they lived in was just as important as the supernatural creatures that inhabited it. In Grimm Tales Of Terror: the Bridgewater Triangle, we are taken to a town where evil lurks not only in the shadows but even in the daylight.

Welcome to the Hockomock swamp, near the town of Bridgewater, where a group of friends, are doing research on the myth and legends revolving around both surroundings, which is met with anxiety by the locals they ask. From there we’re given a tale of terror involving abandoned camps, empty cabins, and demons.

Overall, a creepy thriller that will have your skin crawling. The story by Brian Studler is tense and well characterized. The art by the creative team delivers gorgeous horror and gore. Altogether, a story that gets under your skin, leaving readers closing their eyes in the most unexpected moments.

Story: Brian Studler Art: Deivis Goetten and Maxflan Araujo
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Ripley’s Believe It or Not #1

Television of the 1990s usually get a bad rap, as most critics including myself tend to celebrate 1980s more than any other decade. The thing is that the decade deserves to be revered for the many excellent genre shows it introduced to the world. This was the decade that brought the world, The X-Files and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. As these shows are not only cultural milestones but worldwide movements, as these characters often spoke to audiences who have never been heard.

One show that premiered in the crux of these two wunderkind decades is Tales From The Crypt. I wasn’t old enough to even remember these comics, but the stories that came out of the series, made the horror accessible to the mainstream. As the shows were well told but still was scary enough to creep out viewers. In the debut issue of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, we get a series of vignettes that will remind readers of the landmark show.

In “A Tale As Old As,” we get the true story behind Beauty and The Beast, one which proves to be far more interesting than  the fairytale readers around the world have gotten to know. In “I’ve Been Working on The Railroad,” a man survives an accident which would have killed anyone else but became one man’s strength. In “The Ride of His People,” one man wins a race only to die once he reaches the finished line. In “Mother Nature Blew Her,” one father foretells his daughter how the world will be if world continues with pollution of the land and water. In “49 Lives,” one cat predicts the death of a patient.

Overall, it’s an interesting set of mostly true stories are as bizarre as they are riveting. The stories by the different writers captures the eeriness of the show. The art by the different artists is both captivating and alluring. Altogether, one of the best horror books to come out in a while.

Story : Howard Mackie, Ben Meares, Dale Mettam, Victoria Rau
Art: Hakan Aydin, Marcelo Basile, Pat Broderick, Deivis Goetten, Daniel Maine
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy