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Review: Sonitus #1

SONITUS#1_RGBSonitus #1 is the first issue in a three part miniseries published by Alterna Comics as part of their newsprint initiative. Retailing at $1.50 an issue, you’ll be able to pick up the entire series for less than $5 – which is a steal of a price no matter where you look. Sonitus #1 kicks off a story that’s steeped in supernatural creepiness almost right from the get go as the lead wanders around an empty and potentially haunted house. And honestly, that’s really the gist of what physically happens in the issue. However, Cody Sousa and Dan Sheppard weave a deep and soul crunching internal monologue as Cecelia Lo Valvo and Dee Cuniff drench the pages in an atmosphere so thick you can taste it.

I’ve read this twice since starting this review, and I can honestly tell you that it gets better with each read through. The layers to the comic are nuanced and reveal themselves to you the more time you spend within the pages of the comic and walls of the decrepit house. Beneath the dark, horror like exterior is a man having a nostalgic moment for times gone by, providing an endearing dichotomy to the sense of foreboding from the comic.

Sonitus #1, being only $1.50, is well worth buying. It’s not often you can get a comic for this price that’s this reasonable, which almost makes the purchase worth it alone, but when the $1.50 comic is as good as Sonitus #1 is then there is absolutely no reason for you not to buy this. A must read regardless of your genre of choice.

Story: Cody Sousa and Dan Sheppard
Art: Cecelia Lo Valvo Colourist: Dee Cuniff Letterer: Dezi Sienty
Story: 8.8 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.65 Recommendation: Buy

Alterna Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review