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Around the Tubes

The weekend is over, and that means a new week of comics! What’s everyone excited for this week?

Around the Tubes

The Times of India – Meet Sikh superhero, secret agent Deep Singh – Very cool!

Time – Michelle Rodriguez: ‘Sorry About That’ – Thoughts on her statements about characters and race?

Bleeding Cool – How Diamond Makes A Retailer Want To Weep – Its been 13 years or so since I ran or worked in a shop, and sounds exactly the same as then.

Robot 6 – This Batman-themed hotel room is covered in Bat symbols – Want to stay there!

ICv2 – Comic Retailer Optimism at Record Highs – Awesome to hear!

The Outhousers – DC Reveals Major Character’s Bisexuality, Forgets to Beg for Praise from Mainstream Media (Spoilers) – Nice to see that this isn’t as big of news anymore!

TechCrunch – Forget The Oscars, Last Weekend’s Biggest Snub Was Comic-Con – An interesting read.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Bleeding Cool – Munchkin #2

CBR – Past Aways #1