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Review: Comichaus #7

I have been an avid reader of Mad Magazine ever since I can remember, as have aunts that still ask do I read as they remember I read it back when I was seven. I was also a reader of Cracked Magazine. In my humble opinion, both magazines were funny, and asking me to choose one is better is nonsense. To me, it is like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek, as there really is no comparison, as both are deserving of their fanbases.

In every issue, every creator, understood their audience and was not too high on their horse not to pick on themselves. That fearlessness only lives in some of the best creators and that I what I am seeing at Comichaus. In the new installment, of Chalk, Jacqueline finds out someone is stealing souls and almost loses her life in finding out. In this installment of, MIA, our heroines are caught up as the police are on their tail and thy are on the hook for the massacre but one knows what to do next.

In Mandy the Monster Hunter, Mandy skillfully destroys a monster and reloads for the war on the road with the tourist couple. In new story, Homeopathos, a man fighting insomnia gets some medicine which gives him a more than he expects.  In Cold, our couple gets embroiled in the middle of an outbreak, which renders some mindless flaming zombies. In new story, Gods Of a Lesser Sphere, a post-apocalyptic world, which is very familiar looking yields a new superhero which will give some readers wish fulfillment.

Overall, every story including the new stories innovate and are not scared to challenge the reader. The stories contained within, are excellent. The art makes this issue shine. Altogether, a great issue, where the reader’s imagination will reach new heights.

Story: Steven Horry, Matt Warner, Chris Robertson, Simon Birks, Jimmy Furlong, Robin Jones, Mark McCann, Michael Sambrook
Art: Catia Fantini, Norrie Millar, Ed Bickford, Vincent Hunt, Richard MacRae, Lyndon White, Andrew Hartmann, Gavin Fullerton, David Yeh
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy