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Our Flag Means Death: All Pirate Flags Are Valid (and some are accurate)

“[Blackbeard] is presenting as a queer character, not just within our time, but within his own time” – Tea Fougner.

“It’s historical fiction about pirates if the executive producers were all tumbler users” – Cayden Mak.

Pirate Tea and First Mate Cayden Mak have boarded the show to talk about Taika Waititi and David Jenkins‘ glorious new show on HBO, Our Flag Means Death. It’s a queer pirate romcom with roots in history and a remarkable diverse cast. 

The conversation is spoiler-free till about 13 minutes in. There’s a special intro to this episode about a real life crisis that’s happening– and what you can do about it (one place to start – https://transequality.org 

My guests:

Tea Fougner (who is 30% pirate facts by volume) is the editorial director for Comics at King Features Syndicate and co-chair of Programming for Flame Con, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ comic convention. Tea co-modded a 200-person pirate RPG for three years and has a 13-hour piratecore playlist on Spotify. Listen here  https://t.co/Abq5wIkips & follow https://twitter.com/teaberryblue

Cayden Mak https://twitter.com/cayden has spent the past decade organizing people for racial justice leveraging many aspects of technology and pop culture formerly of 19 Million Rising (an Asian American Pacific Islander civic organizing group I love.