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Review: Lost Angels Vol. 1 Paradise High

Lost Angels Vol. 1 Paradise High

If you’ve never seen it, the show Star Crossed depicted a future Louisiana where an alien race has arrived and is placed an internment camp while also integrating into a suburban high school.  The show had one wonder how can you cohabitate with people not from this world? In the first volume of Lost Angels we find a dystopian world where Los Angeles has alien angels living among them and not everyone can live with that.

We are taken to Los Angeles, where an angel is flying in restricted airspace and the reader is introduced to Silver City, what used to be Santa Monica, as we know it. We are also introduced to Alex Martinez, a young human girl, who moved Silver City as part of a “cultural exchange program” and whose mother is a police officer and whose partner is an angel, Daurek. As the divide between the humans and the angels, especially at Alex’s school, is pretty transparent, forcing many including Alex to pick a side. Also, a drug made from a material the Angels brought with them, called Ambrosia, has hit the streets, leading to a one of her classmates getting killed because of it. This leads Alex to find out who gave it to him and for what reason they have for leading him to his death and to clear the name of one of the angels. By book’ end, Alex has found about the darks secret that Angels have been hiding from humans and she has finally found a true friend.

Overall, an excellent story that imagines a world both innovative and fantastic. The story by David Accampo is suspenseful and complex. The art by Chris Anderson is utterly beautiful. Altogether, an excellent comic which will have readers coming back for more.

Story: David Accampo Art: Chris Anderson
Story: 9.6 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy