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Kevin Grevioux Joins Forces with Zenescope

Kevin Grevioux, co-creator of the multi-million-dollar Underworld franchise, and Zenescope Entertainment have joined forces for a 3-book publishing deal. The comic book titles will be co-published by Zenescope and Grevioux’s Darkstorm Comics & Media Company.  

The first comic book series to hit shelves from this new non-exclusive joint venture is entitled Rise of the Djinn.  It tells the story of Tamara Brazile, a decorated police detective with stage IV breast cancer and only a few months left to live. Tamara learns she’s the descendant of an ancient race of Djinn and is given the chance to unlock her newfound abilities. In turn she must ally herself with one of these supernatural beings who needs her help in stopping a war between two ancient orders of Djinn.

Rise of the Djinn #1 is now in Diamond Previews for pre-order. Comic shops can use order codes AUG212177 or AUG212178.