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Choice Quotes

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Each week we bring you quotes from the previous weeks comic books to show today’s books are more than just tights, big guns and silly stories.

Deadpool #30

A dracula – And you do know what a coup is?

Deadpool – Hells yeah, I do!  I’ve been involved in dozens on ’em.

Superior #3

Superior – Well, I prayed every night that my multiple sclerosis would go away and Mom was always praying that America would get fixed again too.  So what if that magic wish was the answer to both our prayers?  What if Ormon was an angel?  Did he turn me into a superhero because America really needed one right now?

Choice Quotes

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The Killer: Modus Vivendi #4

Killer – What do you think of all this shit in Venezuela?

Katia – The CIA helped those army sobs overthrow Chavez because he nationalized oil, but they didn’t expect that kind of reaction from the people, and they don’t know what to do.  Shows times are changing.

Killer – How’s that?

Katia – A few years ago, they would’ve killed him right off, like Allende.  They haven’t killed him yet; they’re not sure what step to take next.  They’re afraid the whole region will rebel.  That’s good.  They can’t do what they want anymore.

The Royal Historian of Oz

Jasper Fizzle – I believe in it the way one believes in Santa Claus, or peace.  It’s something that should exist as an ideal.

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