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Review: The Leaders of the Free World #1

The Leaders of the Free World #1

When I was in the military, whenever we had an emergency with geopolitical consequences or not, we had a term for it. It’s still called “contingency operations.” We had to follow rules of engagement for such situations to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This would normally include us being deployed for something we had trained in.

Of course, nothing is anything like what you expected. Even if it’s anywhere near what you trained for you’re still surprised. Though, you may not show it. I’ve done a few of these missions while serving. We usually get a hodgepodge of personalities. The enlisted are just trying to do their job while the officers jockey for position. Often, at the end of the day, we all know what we’re there for, and that is paramount to whatever egos people bring. In the debut issue of The Leaders Of The Free World, we get a few superheroes who pretty much get thrown together to fight .evil all of them have a stake in.

We meet Cong Li, a mostly normal teenager whose life is full of distractions. He’s also a superhero. The reader finds out pretty quickly how the “Godsend” came into being. They’re this world’s super team, where one superhero protects each country. A world war forced this division and a third of the world’s population was lost during this conflict. We also find out that Cong Li currently occupies the legendary title of Monkey King. Not born in China, instead, Cong was born in the Bay area in California where racism and ignorance are rampant. We also meet Illyas Godfrey, the Son Of Gaia, whose public persona is that of a wrestler Brother Nature. There’s also Doohickey Cyborgi, a Korg, who can change into any weapon. The various characters come together for a mission of saving the world.

Overall, the comic is a thrilling debut which seeks to not tell the typical superhero story and does so exceedingly well. The story by Corey Lakel Pruitt is exciting, smart, and well characterized. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a story that shows that no matter how crowded the genre, new superheroes can still gleam with the best of them.

Story: Corey Lakel Pruitt
Art: Eli Johnson, Ros Hughes, and Toben Racicot
Story: 10 Art:  9.4 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy