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Review: Convergence Titans #2

convergence-titans002One of the common themes among Convergence is to give back little pieces to comic fans of what they lost with the onset of the new 52.  Some of these are unfinished stories, and some are characters who have not yet reappeared.  Among the most prominent of these is Lian, the daughter of Roy Harper, who had a fan following during her brief tenure in comics.  Among one of the more controversial decisions by writers in recent years was to kill her off, leading to insanity of her father, but she nonetheless remained at the top of most lists of characters that fans wanted back.

The Titans of the Convergence world are squared off against the Extremists, a group of Villains who had for a time been the main enemies of Justice League Europe, all of whom were facsimiles of major Marvel villains.  The world of Convergence is one which seems to be poorly conceived, with the pre-new 52 heroes being spared beneath a series of domes controlled by Brainiac.  With only a select group capable of surviving heroes must face heroes in order to battle for their own existence, even though the exact mechanics of this system is not yet understood.  The previous issue saw the return of the Titans, or at least a part thereof which featured Donna Troy, Starfire and Roy Harper.  The latter two have seen some success in the pages of Red Hood and the Outlaws, although this series is being rebooted post-Convergence.  Donna Troy only recently reappeared in the pages of Wonder Woman, and her reception there has raised only more controversy.  Here as they battle the Extremists the true battle is underway for the fate of Lian, far from a certainty as even in this continuity she has died.

This issue ends up being an ode to the love of a father for his daughter, and the extent to which he will go to get her back from the dead.  The remainder of the issue is a relatively humdrum effort with a lot of what we have seen before in comics.  The Extremists are out of the 1980s, and the storytelling and action seems to follow along accordingly.  For those that have wanted to see a return of Lian, this might be as good as they are going to get for a while, though with the end of Convergence still up in the air, it remains to be seen exactly how that will play out.  This short two issue Convergence series existed primarily for that purpose and if this comic is to have any value, then it will be to determine the exact fate of this prematurely killed character.

Story: Fabian Nicieza  Art: Ron Wagner 
Story: 7.5  Art: 7.5   Overall: 7.5  Recommendation: Read