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Review: Hollow’s Prism #1

hollow's prismHollow’s Prism follows the story of Thenn, a mercenary and rebel from a faraway planet that has been fighting against the people that enslaved her race. After five years on the run and in rebellion, her crew finally gives up on her and the ideals for a safer life. This setup reveals a number of somewhat generic clichés in terms of science fiction. There is a somewhat generic crew, and a somewhat generic setting, and this leads to an even more generic result, of the main character being left behind to die on an abandoned planet.

All of this works towards setting up this issue to being somewhat like a lot of bland science fiction. There is little difference between the events here and what one might expect from some golden age science fiction. However, after this is set up, the story really does get a lot more interesting. In terms of the cliché of characters being trapped on planets, there is one commonality, and that is that the characters escape. The same holds true for this story as the main character does indeed find a way off of the planet, but it is an unconventional way, at least in terms of the story telling. Really in that regard, what it interesting here is the concept behind the planet which makes this a workable idea.

This clever mechanic is what I sometimes like and sometimes dislike about the independent releases from Comixology every week. Sometimes these series are such stretches in terms of paying homage to the medium that they are not original in any way, which makes them not really worth reading. In this case though, although the setting and background of the characters is fairly generic, the plot is not, and even realizes one of the better accolades in terms of my reading, which can be summed up easily as “I wish that I had thought of that!” The end result is still a little rough, as is the case with most of these series that Comixology releases as they are often newcomers looking to break into the business, but as is the case here, there is some potential here.

 Story: Christa Yelich-Koth  Art: Conrad Teves
Story: 7.5 Art: 6.0 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

Comixology and Green-Eyed Unicorn Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy