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Symbolia and Common Cause team up for a Net Neutrality Comic: Verizon vs. the FCC

Symbolia and Common Cause have teamed up to publish the comic strip Big Deal, Big Money, a comic takedown of Verizon’s attempts to overturn Net Neutrality protections.

Net Neutrality is a principle that ensures that like content is treated equally on the internet (an oversimplified explanation). For example since Comcast provides you internet phone, they couldn’t slow down or block Skype, a competitor. They could also force you to pay money to access certain services or extort money from companies to be carried.

Obviously telecommunication companies aren’t too keen on the rules and there’s a lot of forces trying to overturn the rules including Verizon who have gone to court over it.

The comic breaks down the obscene amounts of money, dirty tricks, and key players in this fight. The goal? Let citizens know what’s truly at stake if Verizon wins in a fun and non-wonkified way.

Big Deal, Big Money was produced in partnership between Common Cause and Symbolia, and illustrated by S. Caldwell.

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