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Review: Chimera #1

Chimera #1

One of my favorite actors of all time, was Robert Urich. He was one of those actors that as soon as his presence filled the screen, you felt s though you have known him all your life. He was also in one of my favorite if not most underrated sci fi movies ever, Ice Pirates. In the film, he played a space smuggler who helps a young princess find her father. In Tyler EllisChimera, we find a crew of thieves much like in Urich’s seminal film, who is more than what they seem.

We find a company of thieves which includes the siblings, Charlie and Alice, who are hiding out in a desolate patch of land on the planet of Kismet, where they are looking for a relic which looks to be more than their next big payday but a way out of the war that is raging in the universe and the persecution Charlie faces as a gay man. We also meet Cassandra, a young priestess whose weary of the prophecy that lies ahead, and foreknows that there is an artifact, known as the Chimera. As we find out more about Alice, a one-time steadfast soldier whose exploits are being highlighted to show that the reason to fight the war is for the greater good but who harbors deep regrets and secrets about what exactly made her a war hero. Meanwhile, a zealous religious conclave, also aims to steal the Chimera, for their own preposterous purposes. By book’s end, the crew must choose a side, a crewmember has an ulterior motive, and the real reason for the war is about to revealed to all while we say goodbye to a friend.

Overall, an exciting comic that is both heartfelt and pulse pounding. The story by Ellis is tight, sensitive, and brimming with heart. The art by Ellis is incredible. Altogether, a story that no one who reads it will soon forget.

Story: Tyler Ellis Art: Tyler Ellis
Story: 10 Art: 9.8 Overall: 9.77 Recommendation: Buy