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Marvel’s Toilet Problem. Will Yancy Street Take on Wall Street?

Comics Beat reports that Marvel has only 1 bathroom for men and 1 for women. For the ENTIRE staff.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires at least 2 bathrooms per gender for a staff that size. Or one bathroom with 5 stalls if it’s unisex. And with NYC’s stronger worker protections and building codes maybe even more.

Maybe Make Mine Marvel should be Make Mine Urinary Track Infection since Comics Beat reports staff having to schedule their lunch shifts to accommodate the limited toilet access. That’s some sweatshop stuff people. Completely unacceptable.

Marvel CEO Perlmutter is the 1% as we say down at Liberty Square. The writers, editors, artists, colorists, admin workers, janitors and distro staff who make Marvel run and create value for the company are part of the 99%. Time for us to stand up for Yancy street against Wall Street.

When I read this piece in The Beat all I could think of is how Marvel’s management sounds exactly like Verizon’s— a corporation that cutting its employees and benefits even while business is booming. Or like Chase bank which got a massive taxpayer bailout, became profitable then laid off their middle class and working class staffers anyway. (and Chase is still #1 in US foreclosures for that added measure of evil).

Here’s the graph from Comics Beat.

“It seems the only way [Perlmutter] knows how to run a company is by increasing profits – not by investing in new businesses, but simply squeezing the bottom line for every last penny by any means… Marvel employees are kind of like the rats in those caloric restriction experiments. They’re given the lowest possible amount of resources to get the job done. When something absolutely positively has to be purchased, it’s half of what was asked for… Reportedly, people are hoping to hang on until [Perlmutter’s] gone to get to some kind of promised land where people can buy paper clips.”

Call me a wild-eyed business visionary but maybe Permutter could like invest the company’s content. Diversify staff and diversity Marvel’s product. Publish that cheap TP of Joe Kelly’s run on Deadpool that I’ve been itching to buy and doesn’t exist. The company’s back catalog is like printing money (so I’m told). And if Boss Permutter is sooo convinced the only way to have higher profits is to spend less money, he can take a paycut.

What would Reed Richards do? Innovate. Not layoff staff. And heck, Marvel is profitable.