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I had a great night last night watching Kevin Smith‘s new movie Red State followed by a question and answer session.  the movie is fantastic and blows Smith’s previous work away.  Expect a review today.  Yes, I’m bummed a man with 1.7 million followers couldn’t get me a date to the screening (see the tweet below), but what can you do.  Onto the comic book news.

Around the Blogs:

Northwestern – Bruce Wayne to Batman: It’s basic physiology – What would it take for a real world person to become Batman?  Head to Northwestern and find out!

Readers – Winter Star Productions Announces Graphic Novel Along with its Movie “Midnight Reckoning” – This time it’s the movie that becomes the graphic novel.

PR – Central City Tower Debuts Graphic Novel at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo – Some news out of C2E2

Bleeding Cool – David Slade To Direct New Daredevil Film – I actually liked the first one.  It wasn’t great, but it was ok.

CBLDF – The Good Fighters: Terry Moore – Any time we can plug the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  Support them!

Comics Alliance – Digital Comics: Why They Can’t Be Both a Shark and a Goldfish – Are digital comics good or bad? You decide!

ICv2 – ‘Captain Action Spider-Man & Captain America Costume Sets’ – I want!

CBR Robot 6 – Bat-mystery solved! Bruce Wayne is a Yale graduate! – Even more of a reason to dislike him.

Comic Book Movie – Easter Egg Hidden In The Newest ‘Thor’ Trailer. – Pretty funny and great someone caught this.

The Gateway Online – A world of artistic superheroes – Wish I was closer to Alberta to check this out.

Around the Tweets: – Kevin Smith and Red State Edition