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Review: G-Raver Vol. 1

G-Raver Vol. 1

When it comes to television shows that have a rabid fan following, some can make you wonder exactly why? I never quite understood why so many people went down the rabbit hole with Lost. Especially since so many of the fans couldn’t explain it. Then there is the epic Whedonverse, which comprised initially of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It went on to include its spinoff Angel. It can all seem weird to an outsider who doesn’t know or have ever watched either of these franchises.

It wasn’t until I sat and watched Lost and every series Joss Whedon brought to television that I understood exactly why their fans were as obsessed. It’s because it was very well written. One of those devoted franchises that is sadly ending with the upcoming season is Supernatural. Even with that show, I had to be coaxed into it and went on to become full-on obsessed myself. These series speak to a part of ourselves that is both skeptical and believes in these supernatural myths. In the first volume of G-Raver, we find a protagonist like the Winchesters, who hunt monsters but whose alter ego would make you think different.

We meet G-Raver, a professional wrestler on the XWW Extreme Wrestling circuit and who is the current champion. He’s secretly what those in the monster-hunting business refer to as a “cleanser,” someone who vanquishes anomalies on a human plane. Through the comic, he battles the supernatural like vampires, gargoyle type creates, the undead, and more. But why is this happening and what, or who is behind it all?

Overall, an action-packed book which travails the urban fantasy genre with probably its coolest protagonist. The story by Eric Watkins, is entertaining and well characterized. The art by the creative team is vivid and breathtaking. Altogether, a story which brings a new mythology and protagonist which will give readers another hero to root for.

Story: Eric Watkins
Art: Nick Wentland, Landon Franklin, Brandon Franklin,
and Justin Birch
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy