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Review: Body Music

The struggles of being single in this world dominated by the need for belonging can be quite tenuous. The institute of marriage, although not a popular still looms large in the expectations of most people for their children. As our parents want us ultimately to be happy, and through marriage they believe, is that door to that happy place. As times change, so do beliefs, and now marriage is no longer the nor, as divorce rates are rising, and being single no longer am anomaly.

As this has become increasingly normal, the challenges for those trying to find someone to settle down with or even enjoy time with, has been kind of difficult. As the paths to finding someone from speed dating to apps to dating websites, makes it somewhat easier, but ultimately it van be cumbersome. Then there is the act of dating, which can be fun but also anxiety ridden. In Julie Maroh’s Body Music, she examines the full spectrum of emotions that comes with dating and the many adventures, and misadventures, that comes with it.

There are more than few standouts in this book, one of them being “Looking out of the Window”, where a stranger looks their window imagining what goes in relationships. In” Playing with Fire”, a writer and a fan, engage in some serious flirtation, in some “Life of Walter Mitty” meets Red Shoe Diaries sequences. In” The Confession”, a somewhat complicated relationship gets some figuring out and well gestated simplification.  In one of the last standouts,” On Mount Royal; Our lives Together”, two kids, a boy and a girl, imagine how if they were married, how their lives would go.

Overall, an excellent intimate and affecting collection of stories that feels real and almost voyeuristic, but in will connect with reader on so many levels. The stories by Maroh are genuine, moving, and heartfelt. The art by Maroh is elegant and vivid. Altogether, a great set of stories will connect with every reader, regardless of their situation.

Story : Julie Maroh Art: Julie Maroh
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 9.9 Recommendation: Buy