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G.I. Joe Classified Kamakura and Blue Ninjas 2-Pack are Available to Order

Hasbro‘s G.I. Joe Classified has two highly anticipated releases available to order now.

The G.I. Joe Classified Blue Ninjas 2-pack are ready for action. The two figures come with 16 character-inspired accessories including an arsenal of ninja weapons and alternate heads wearing Oni and Kitsune masks; plus a footlocker to stow all their gear! With custom artwork by Billy Christian.

G.I. Joe Classified Kamakura features 11 character-inspired accessories including cloaked and uncloaked heads, 2 katana, 2 daggers, ninja spear and additional weapon accessories; plus a footlocker to stow all his gear! With custom artwork by Ivan Shavrin.

Don’t miss out on these cool additions to the Classified line!