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Review: Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2

husk1Another of Delcourt‘s English language comic book translation from the native French language, Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2 is a sci-fi thriller set in the near future. The Arnold company makes “Husks”, biomechanical entities five meters high that provide an anatomical continuation of the body of their pilot. As the comic opens, a new biomeca is being launched. The “M5” Husk is the result of the exceptional efforts deployed by the engineers of Arnold to satisfy all requirements; on all grounds, for military operations, maintenance of law and order, extreme rescue, or for space exploration, the new Arnold “M5” excels in all situations!

But does the comic excel as well?

This is the second of the English language translations of the Delcourt Group‘s comics that I’ve read. The first being The Curse Of The Wendigo, which I really enjoyed. I missed last week’s releases for some reason, but I was eager to jump in to another of the publisher’s offerings. Now, I’m not normally a sci-fi fan; I tend to avoid most stories set in the future, or space, regardless of the medium that they’re being told in. When I started reading Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2 I was well aware that I was doing so with a large amount of bias toward the genre. The first half of the comic didn’t really strike my fancy; I felt somewhat lost among the biomech suits – even if I did like the way they were presented – and was ready to stop reading the comic and start on something else.

I’m glad I kept going.

The second half of the comic is intensely an character driven chapter that delves into the mental state of one of the biomech pilots. For me, it was worth reading the entire comic for, and then some. Frederic L’Homme has written a comic book that starts off as a slow burn but becomes an absolutely brilliant comic book. Armand Boudoroin capture the biomechanical suits with an almost hauntingly graceful style; and I’m saying this fully admitting that Husk #1: Monkey Brain 1/2 was a comic that I was going to avoid based solely on the synopsis.

I’m glad I decided to look past my bias when reading this, but even more so that I read it all the way through. Husk #1 may not be the kind of story you would regularly read on face value, but don’t let that stop you from picking this comic up (of course, if you’re a huge fan of sci-fi then Husk #1 may be right up your alley, in which case add a point to the score).

Script: Frederic L’Homme Art: Armand Boudoroin Colors: Armand Boudoroin and KNEES
Story: 6.75 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

Delcourt provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review