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An Iconic Villain Returns and New Local Cap in The United States of Captain America #4

Launching later this month, The United States of Captain America will celebrate Captain America’s 80 anniversary with an action-packed adventure that explores the iconic hero’s incredible legacy and stars his greatest partners and villains! Written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Dale Eaglesham, the upcoming limited series will see Steve Rogers teaming up with Captain Americas of the past—Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, and John Walker—on a road trip across America to find his stolen shield. On sale in September, issue #4 will reveal the true magnitude of the forces arrayed against them, including the return of some of Captain America’s most sinister foes…

In addition to featuring the ultimate Captain America team-up, this groundbreaking series will also introduce a diverse cast of new heroes and spotlight the communities they are part of and the unique challenges they face. Cantwell and Eaglesham are joined each issue by an all-star lineup of creative teams who will dive even deeper into the origins and motivations of these new shield-bearers in special backup stories. In The United States of Captain America #4, fans will meet Ari Agbayani!

Created by writer Alyssa Wong and Jodi Nishijima, Ari is a local Captain America-inspired hero who seeks justice on her college campus. When her school turns a blind eye to fellow students behaving badly, she springs into action—and she’s not afraid to fight dirty. Here’s what Wong had to say about the inspiration behind this new Marvel hero:

See one of the mysterious villains the Captains will be facing off against in Gerald Parel’s The United States of Captain America #4 cover below. And check out Ari Agbayani on Peach Momoko’s variant cover as well as design sheets by Jodi Nishijima. Don’t miss her exciting debut when The United States of Captain America #4 hits stands on September 22nd!

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