Review: Dark Ages #3

Dark Ages #3

Tom Taylor has become a master at the “alternate world” storyline. He’s shown time and time again he’s able to take familiar characters, and even somewhat familiar stories and concepts, and mix it all up for something new and entertaining. While these stories could easily just be surface level changes, Taylor constantly surprises with a depth of emotion and moments that are memorable long after being read. His twists are new classic alternate takes and Dark Ages #3 is a perfect example of what he’s able to do.

Dark Ages is a world where technology has failed due to a powerful being that is preventing its use. Electricity is gone and the remaining heroes and villains have banded together in an attempt to rebuild society. While things are generally working, we discovered in the last issue Apocalypse has plans of his own and with the help of Purple Man, enslaved some of the world’s greatest minds to help achieve whatever that is. With help from Mystique Apocalypse has captured Tony Stark to continue whatever he’s up to.

Dark Ages #3 is the fallout from that as our heroes discover Tony has been taken. Debate begins as to what to do and if confrontation with Apocalypse needs to happen. Taylor takes us on a rollercoaster as heroes are corrupted, someone dies, and someone discovers people she thought were dead are not. It’s all these moments together, including a smartass Doctor Doom, that creates an issue that’s a fun read. Dark Ages is popcorn fun and this third issue is a prime example of that.

The art by Iban Coello continues to impress. With color by Brian Reber and lettering by Joe Sabino, the comic looks fantastic. The character designs are great and the details tell so much of the story. This is a world that feels lived in and thought is put into how it all works. We can figure some of that out visually, which just tells more of the story.

Dark Ages #3 is another fantastic issue that has us already wanting more from Taylor twisting the Marvel world. It’s an issue full of moments, exciting, shocking, sad, and funny. It’s a hell of a read that’s enjoyment from cover to cover.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Iban Coello
Color: Brian Reber Letterer: Joe Sabino
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.25 Overall: 8.25 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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