An Inaugural Signing at JHU with R. Sikoryak

This past Friday, as the nation inaugurated its 45th President; I attended another function at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Midtown Manhattan. One which the President himself designated for “losers.”


R. Sikoryak was on deck, signing copies of his dark satirical comic book pamphlet “The Unquotable Trump.”


“Robert Sikoryak is an American artist specializing in comic adaptations of literature classics, producing a mashup of high culture and low culture. Under Masterpiece Comics, he has produced “Crime and Punishment” rendered in Bob Kane–era Batman style, becoming Dostoyevsky Comics, starring Raskol; and Waiting for Godot mixed with Beavis and Butt-Head, becoming Waiting to Go.” (see Wikipedia).

As he elegantly signed and sketched my copy, we chatted for a while, expressing hope that our new President will at least try to do the right things for our nation, but expressing fear at what his past behavior forebodes; and that is what this little gloomy comic book is about.

It is a collection of some of Trump’s most horrific quotes mashed up with comic book villainy. You can magically hear the Darth Vader theme song in your head, as you flip through this slim book’s black and white drawn parody pages of famous comic book covers from the past.

My favorite is Trump portrayed as Magneto, in the iconic X-Men # 1 comic book cover from the nineties:


This one, however, gave me the heebie jeebies …


No matter whose side you are on, pick up a copy, if only to remind yourself of what led to this day, and to remain vigilant.