Revisiting 1987’S Masters of The Universe. A Retrospective.

masters of the universe 2

On August 7, 1987 He-Man got his live action big screen debut with Masters Of The Universe starring Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor, Meg Foster (Evil-Lyn), Courtney Cox As (Julie Winston in her big screen debut), Chelsea Field (Teela), Jon Cypher (Man-At-Arms), Billy Barty (Gwildor) and James Tolkan (Detective Lubic). I was just about to turn four when this movie came to theaters and as a lot of kids during that time was huge fan of He-Man and the Masters of The Universe and my parents took me to see it and as the story goes I talked the whole time to everyone around me about He-Man and Skeletor and when the movie was over I cried because I missed most of the movie because of my talking.

Up until last week we could relive this fun movie through our good friends at Netflix (There will be no Netflix and chill here)! The film was part of the list of films that left the service on March 1. As I turned it on one thing struck me, I was 4 years old when this movie came out, I am now 32, which means this movie came out 28 years ago and now Courtney Cox is doing T.V. shows about her being a cougar! Anyways, for a movie that was made in 1987, the graphics were pretty good! The intro wasn’t grand, it was subtle and nice and made its point well.

Dolph Lundgren was a great choice to play He-Man, who was big, bulky and Blonde! Unfortunately, we don’t see Battle Cat in this movie which is unfortunate, I have always loved that character and they replaced Orko with Gwildor. I get it though, it is a movie adaptation of the cartoon, so it’s not going to be super accurate. A He-Man movie though, does have to have Teela and Man-At-Arm in it to be legit and Jon Cypher and Chelsea Field did a great job in their respective roles.

Frank Langella is an amazing actor and had a long carreer appearing in a lot of movies as well as stage theater before taking on the role of Skeletor. Langella did a great job of playing Skeletor. He wasn’t over the top and really made He-Man lovers hate him but not in a way they hate the acting, but in a we hope He-Man tears him a you know what. His Trusty Sidekick Evil-Lyn played by Meg Foster was spot on with her portrayal of Evil-Lyn. She was menacing and fearless and wicked which is the way was portrayed in the cartoon. I think the rest of the villain characters could have been better portrayed. The only villain I could recognize was Beast Man, Blade and Saurod, and they were all defeated pretty easily.

Courtney Cox had a major role in this movie. At the time she was a rising star who got noticed on in  the classic Bruce Springsteen music video for “Dancing in the Dark.” This was well before her star making role on Friends.

The one flaw? I think the movie could have done without most of it being set on Earth. Earth was never featured at all on Earth. The movie should have taken fully in place on Eternia.

Overall the movie had some great qualities and was entertaining. The graphics were amazing for it being premiered in 1987. For anyone who hasn’t seen this movie, please go on the Apple App store or the Google play store and download it or try to find it on Everyone needs to see this movie at one point, especially younger kids who would likely be enamored by it.