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Colorists, Inkers, and Wes Craig’s Art

I was a big fan of Deadly Class as soon as I started reading the first issue when it came out. I adored that first issue, actually. The blunt, rough writing and solid storytelling from Rick Remender was fantastic, but Wes Craig’s art is what made the most noticeable first impression. His sharp, frantic and slightly twisted pencils looked fantastic, along with the finely done inks and contrastive coloring. The art really blew me away.

Forgive the blunt transition…

Fresh off of seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters, I was on a Guardians kick, so I hopped on comiXology and splurged on the obligatory sale. I bought an old Rocket Raccoon miniseries along with Abnett and Lanning’s entire 25-issue run. The Rocket Raccoon miniseries was decent, but I have really been loving the Abnett/Lanning stuff. Today, I got to issues #11 and #12, featuring a switch-up in art. Personally, I found the art to be just fine, and a step-down from the series regular art.

And then I saw that Wes Craig did the art.


Left: “Deadly Class” (Image Comics) #1; Right: “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Marvel Comics) #11

This was a shocking revelation for me.

This most likely speaks predominantly to the importance of colorists and inkers, but perhaps also to what time can do for an artist. Craig’s GotG #11 and #12 work, with coloring from Will Quintana, looks more clean, and much less striking, dynamic, and interesting. The coloring is very standard, unlike the super-stylized look of Deadly Class, which alternatively has coloring from Lee Loughridge. Craig happens to do the inking himself, it seems. The pencils are quite good in the GotG issues, but the coloring makes it look less appealing, at least to me.


Left: “Deadly Class” (Image Comics) #2; Right: “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Marvel Comics) #11


Left: “Deadly Class” (Image Comics) #1; Right: “Guardians of the Galaxy” (Marvel Comics) #11




I’ve written about the lack of appreciation for comics colorists in the past. Readers must understand how much of a difference colorists and, even though it’s not relevant in this specific case, inkers, have.

Maybe you disagree with me, and find the coloring/inking of GotG more striking than that of Deadly Class, but surely you notice a difference?

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