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Muppets Gone Missing: Muppet Mystery Solved!

Roger Langridge - Muppets Gone Missing

clueless morganThe Clueless Morgan puppet is lost no more!

Clueless Morgan is the Muppet that inspired this wonderful column that you are reading! He was only used briefly, mostly as a memorable character in Muppet Treasure Island and in a recurring bit on Muppets Tonight. He was performed by Bill Barretta, who is also the puppeteer for Pepe the King Prawn, Bobo the Bear and Rowlf the Dog.

According to Muppet Wiki, Clueless Morgan’s puppeteer Bill Barretta said that, “part of the reason that Clueless has not been used in any productions since Muppets Tonight is that the puppet has gone missing. If anyone out there has seen him, please ask him to call home. His family misses him.”

The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta has opened a new museum that holds a large collection of Jim Henson puppets. While watching a CNN report of the exhibit, I nearly jumped out of my seat when I got to the 40-second-mark! There he is! They found Clueless!

Click here for the video of the CNN report or watch it directly below!

Will this discovery lead to Clueless’ return to The Muppets? We’ll let you know any updates here on “Muppets Gone Missing”!

Clueless Morgan in Muppets Treasure Island

At the 1:17 mark, Clueless Morgan promotes Muppets Treasure Island

Clueless Morgan and Polly Lobster on Muppets Tonight


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