Punisher #1 delivers a classic tale of revenge

Punisher #1

When we last saw the Punisher, Frank Castle was off to a different world after his corruption by the Hand. On to a new adventure. Punisher #1 isn’t that, instead it takes things back to basics with a new character behind the skull but at its heart the same story of revenge.

Writer David Pepose is a master at remixing familiar. In the numerous series he’s written, he’s taken familiar characters and stories and delivered a twist to them. Punisher #1 is a familiar character and a familiar story but overall, the debut is played rather straight. Pepose goes back to the core of the character, a man who has been wronged and goes on a rampage of revenge against those who wronged him. And, it works, it works really well.

Pepose keeps things simple for the comic delivering an easy to understand origin, lots of action, some solid kills, and with the most potential, detectives looking for this new Punisher as he’s the prime suspect in the death of his family. Yes, the comic really does keep things simple, it’s another tale of revenge due to a family being caught in the crossfire. This one isn’t an accident though (depending on which origin of Castle you’re going with), instead it looks to be a deliberate hit and attack based on some past that’s hinted at and sure to be revealed.

What’s the Punisher without cool kills? Rather boring. Thankfully, artist Dave Wachter delivers a flair for the destruction with color by Dan Brown and lettering by Cory Petit. The comic looks solid with a sleek design in costume, weapons, and full of action. There’s also a solid focus on the art when it comes to the investigation of the death of the Punisher’s family with solid perspectives and overall look that feels like a gritty noir story instead of high flying action. The comic looks solid overall with visuals that are a treat for fans of action.

Punisher #1 delivers a new main character, new mission, new sidekicks, and lots of new weapons. But, at its core, it’s the same tale of revenge taking the concept of the character back to his roots. This is a more grounded take on the character, taking things down a notch from the ever convoluted and “superheroic” nature of Frank Castles’ version. Here, we get what works and works so well, a tale of revenge with the action of John Wick. It’s simple and straight to the point and some times that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

Story: David Pepose Art: Dave Wachter
Color: Dan Brown Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 8.4 Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.4 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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