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Review: The Paybacks #3

the-paybacks-3Alright, so The Paybacks is quite simply a pleasure to read. It’s a brilliant cross between a realistic take on how superheroes fund their adventures (by taking out astronomical loans thy can never hope to pay back), and the injuries they take, and the most over the top style of comics storytelling you’re likely to see.

But it’s not really over the top… it’s hard to explain, because it’s so easy to just read it and understand. So go read the series. It’s fantastic.

I’m sure if you’ve clicked the link to read the review, and you’ve come this far you’re probably thinking that I’ve just made no sense whatsoever, right? It’s okay, because I’ve just reread what I wrote and, well, I agree with you.

I’m making no sense. But a much as I’m babbling, as much sense as I’m not making, is how good the comic is.

There are so many titles where the love of the creators for their work shines through the pages in your hands, where you can feel the passion they have for the comic they’re publishing. The thing is, The Paybacks has something that you don’t find in many places; a well-executed idea that’s both hilariously poignant and bat-shit crazy. This is a series that’s typically one of the highlights of my reading week – just look at the biography page for a reason why (there’s a dead character who is still getting updated bio info. It’s a small touch that makes me laugh every. Single. Time).

Look, I can lie to you and say that I’d rather pluck my nose hairs and wax my beard then read another issue of this comic. I can say that I’d rather eat nothing but raw spaghetti for a month than have to write another review of this, but the thing is… yeah, I already told you that’s a lie. I’ve lost my train of thought in much the same way the former superheroes lost their money.

At the end of the day, I love this comic. I love the series (even the email that was sent to us with the review copy was brilliant), and I think that if you’re not reading it then you’re missing out on one of the gems of 2016.

Also, look at me for writing a glowing review without actually talking about the story content of the comic in an even remotely generic way.

Story: Donny Cates and Eliot Rahal
Art: Geoff Shaw Colours: Dee Cunniffe
Story: 9 Art: 8.75 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Give them your money. Buy this.

Graphic Policy was provided a FREE copy for review.

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