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Marvel Reveals Its Champions

The Marvel Universe is fractured. Heroes, who once stood together, now position themselves in opposition to one another. Idols of the Marvel Universe who once endured in the light are now shrouded within shades of gray, and the heroes of tomorrow are fed up! It’s time for a change. It’s time for a brighter tomorrow. Enter…the CHAMPIONS! They’re coming to you in Marvel’s Champions #1 – a brand-new ongoing series launching this October as the flagship title of Marvel NOW!

Mark Waid and artist Humberto Ramos join forces bring you a brand new super team for a new era. A teen team supreme that refuses to adhere to the antiquated ways of old. It’s time to be heroes again, and Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, Nova, Viv Vision and the Totally Awesome Hulk are striking out on their own to make a new future. Not Avengers. Not Defenders. Champions!

In an interview with Mark Waid said:

To their mind – the reputation of super heroes has taken a very public beating and they’re very intent in proving to the world that super heroes still have value and still have relevance.

It doesn’t take a Tony Stark or a Captain America to make a difference. All it takes is six young heroes and you can change the world – and they’re only the beginning!

Written by MARK WAID
On Sale October 2016!


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  • I was excited for .02 seconds until I saw Amadeus Cho is their Hulk. I’ll pass, thanks.

  • I don’t have a single female customer with Totally Awesome Hulk on their pull list.

    • I know I dislike the character because I find his arrogance unlikeable and have yet to see reasons why I should care about him. I’d be fascinated to know why the female customers don’t like him.

  • I hated him issue one when he was treating women like prizes to win. Like, “I’m the Hulk so therefore I’m hot and likable.” Such a tool. Then again, in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Lunella’s clearly smarter than he is. He doesn’t respect her enough to even try and listen. If that was Bruce, Bruce would recognize her brilliance and embrace it.
    A lot of my female customers found him sexist and “blaming women” for them not liking him.