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Review: Ninjak #25

NINJAK_025_COVER-B_LAMINGOnce sworn enemies, Ninjak and the Shadow Seven have forged an uneasy alliance to accomplish their singular goal: kill Master Darque! But why can’t Colin King shake the feeling that he’s leading a suicide mission, or that his mysterious benefactor, Sandria Darque, isn’t giving him the whole story? Ninjak’s about to confront a terrifying truth…and the answers just might destroy him!

Like Ninjak, I’m English. Like Ninjak probably does, judging off one panel in the excellent Divinity III: Stalinverse #4, I also like tea. Quite a bit, actually. You could almost say it’s my prime vice.

But it wasn’t always that way, despite what my friends would tell you (I once drank two litres/about half a gallon of milk in one day just with the copious amounts of tea I was drinking). Y’see there was a time where I hovered between tolerating tea and liking tea, frequently hopping both sides of the fence as a craving for a specific brand overtook me, but it wouldn’t last; eventually I’d fall back to not really wanting to drink it, but stubbornly carrying on.

NINJAK_025_002Then one day something clicked and I began to drink tea as if was going out of fashion. Now, when I say tea, I am specifically talking about black tea. Orange pekoe, I think it is this side of the pond. None of the potpourri-like flavoured rubbish for me!

I think I have a point here, but I’m tired so bear with me.

Where was I? Oh. So there I was, downing tea as if it was air, and in many ways I felt (and still do in the irrational part of my brain) that tea is more important than … well … a lot of bloody important things. I wouldn’t say I’d kill a man for some tea, because that’s unreasonable, but I’d sure give someone a stern look. Maybe even shake my fist at them. My poorly made point is, that at this point in my life I abso-fucking-lutely love my tea. It took some time, but I got there.

The same can now be said for Ninjak.

Ever since The Seven Blades Of Master Darque began, this series has risen into one of my most anticipated comics each month. Much like my history with tea, writer Matt Kindt has woven a story over the past twenty-four issues that’s had it’s ups and downs, but most recently he’s been on a significant upswing, and with a story that harkens back to Valiant‘s subliminal Book Of Death story arc, my love of the series has been locked in. Plus, Stephen Segovia and Ulises Arreola are on point with this issue.

While this isn’t going to be ideal for new readers, it’s an excellent excuse for you to go read the previous two.

Like tea, I love Ninjak.

Story: Matt Kindt Art: Stephen Segovia with Ulises Arreola
Story: 9 Art: 9.25 Overall: 9.25 Recommendation: Buy, starting with #23

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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