Review: Justice League #44

Justice League #44 CoverDarkseid versus Anti-Monitor! A corrupted Superman versus Lex Luthor! Myrina Black versus Grail! This chapter of “Darkseid War” has it all—plus an ending that will change the League forever!

There’s really only word to describe DC Comics’ “Darkseid War,” and that is epic. Writer Geoff Johns is a master of the giant epic story that spans too many characters to count, and locations far and wide. This is no exception.

Anti-Monitor vs. Darkseid. Superman vs. Luthor! Too many epic battles to describe, and events that feel titanic. All of it narrated by Wonder Woman. It’s that Wonder Woman narration that really gets it interesting, as Johns frames what we’re seeing really well, not just by her, but also through Batman, and the two parts together creates a fascinating tableau. The characters are titans, and Johns’ writing just makes them, and all of this, that much bigger.

Johns is helped to bring it all to life through the art of Jason Fabok. Fabok continues to knock it out of the park in what is absolutely some of the top art out there. The close ups on individuals’ faces, the action, the use of angles, it’s all absolutely amazing. Just beautiful to look at, art worthy of the story, and vice versa.

A character transformed. And that ending! This is one comic that’s not to be missed.

Story: Geoff Johns Art: Jason Fabok
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review