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George Kambadais & Jamie S. Rich Join Monkeybrain for The Double Life of Miranda Turner

Writer Jamie S. Rich and artist George Kambadais are partnering with Monkeybrain Inc. to release the all-new superhero adventure title The Double Life of Miranda Turner. The first issue of this ongoing comic book series debuts on October 30 via ComiXology. It features 14 pages of color story and art, and the comic will be available for download for $0.99.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner tells the story of a struggling actress who had no idea that her sister, international supermodel Lindy Turner, was also the Cat, a famous crime fighter. This bombshell alone is enough to rock Miranda’s world, but it’s made all the more strange by the fact that Lindy delivers this news as a ghost. The Cat has been killed, and the source of her superpowers stolen. Miranda takes over the Cat identity, donning a black mask to help her dead sister solve her own murder!

The comic is scheduled to be released every six weeks, and the series will be a combination of stand-alone stories and pieces that contribute to the larger puzzle.

The Double Life of Miranda Turner will be available for download via the ComiXology website and digital app on October 30. It is also currently available for preorder and subscription.