Morrison and Robertson are Happy! from Image this September

Happy #1 Cover by Darick RobertsonNick Sax isn’t what you’d call a “winner.” The anti-hero of the new Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson comic mini-series Happy! has been fired from the police force, turned on by his own employees in his murder-for-hire business, is constantly drunk, and is waging a hopeless battle against the agonies of eczema. Sax seems beyond redemption, but saviors often take strange forms, and, in his case, it’s the form of a tiny blue, feathered pony named Happy.

Happy! is Morrison and Robertson’s first Image Comics series. It was announced at this year’s Image Expo in February, which celebrated the independent publisher’s 20th anniversary.

Happy!#1 will be in stores on September 26 and is available now for pre-order. The four-issue miniseries will culminate with an issue released Christmas week.