Fantastic Four 2010

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Today, Marvel released a teaser image of what we can expect for the Fantastic Four in 2010 much like they did earlier with Spider-man.  Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham have reinvigorated the series and brought back the fantastic.

Will the Fantastic Four Survive 2010?

Fantastic Four 2010

From the photo here’s what we can expect in 2010:

Upper right hand corner: We see the classic villain Mole Man and what looks like a statue of the High Evolutionary.

Middle Right: I believe that’s future Franklin Richards (who appeared in the latest issue) and Franklin Richards (who’s mutant power allows him to create universes)

Lower Right: Valeria Richards and her brilliance

Upper Left: I’m guessing this might be an arc dealing with Namor, but could be wrong.

Lower Left: While some of it looks familiar, but that’s definitely Annihilus who we last saw get destroyed in Annihilation Conquest and hit and the birth of a new body for him.