2010 The Year of Spider-man

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His next movie is not due for a bit but Marvel has dubbed 2010 the “Year of Spider-man.”  Marvel has been teasing something big is on the horizon for our friendly neighborhood Spider-man.  It’s been releasing puzzle pieces which now, when put together give a better idea of what we can expect for the wall crawler at the beginning of the next decade.

As Spider-man continues to run through The Gauntlet and deal with some of his classic rogues we may finally find out what happened to Peter Parker and Mary Jane-Watson’s would be wedding day.

Also glimpsed is the Lizard prominently on the right.  I believe that’s Kraven’s daughter to the left of the Lizard.  To the left of her is the Juggernaut knocked out at the feet of Spider-man, who also looks knocked out.  What these three villains roles are has yet to be determined.

So tune in true believer and see if Peter Parker’s life can get any worse than it already has.