Review: Geek Girl #1

As a fan of comics ever since I can remember, I can recall when certain heroes were never adequate. Every major hero in comics has undergone some personal crisis where they cannot do their job anymore. Instead, they recoil and become embedded in their problems. The most memorable one in my mind, is Tony Starks Iron Man. His crisis which was only alluded to in the comics but was far more illustrative in the comics was the arc, “Demon In the Bottle”.

Starks went on a binger as Obadiah’s actions lost this father’s company, money, and foreign contracts, which sent Tony to relapse into Alcoholism, after he was defeated by Magma. This made Rhodie having to step up, and don the Iron Man suit, and defeat the treacherous villain and this was before he became War Machine. Of Course, would not be the last, as this became a recurring arc over the years throughout different comic books, as sometimes it is the person who you last expect, can be the greatest hero. In the first issue of Geek Girl one such hero steps up where her friend could not anymore and becomes even greater than she was.

We catch up with Summer James, who took on the mantle of Geek Girl, after her roommate, Ruby Kaye, the previous Geek-Girl is utterly decimated after defeating the villain, Lightning Storm. We meet her as she stops a robbery in its midst but unfortunately creates collateral damage, which is the whole reason she is being mentored by another hero, Pitbull. We also find Ruby as she is recovering form her fight, as visitor after visitor talk to her in hopes she will come out of a coma. Unfortunate for Summer, her learning curve is at an accelerated pace, as new villains emerge, The League of Larcenists, who are looking to rob every bank in Maine. By Issue’s end, although Summer is feeling insecure about her abilities , her support system lets her know she is more than capable as she will have her hands full with these new villains.

Overall, a fun take on the superhero genre, that is both tongue in cheek and a serious addition to the superhero mythos. The story by Sam Johnson is action packed and well developed. The art by Carlos Granda is breathtaking. Altogether, an excellent introduction to a new superhero.

Story: Sam Johnson Art: Carlos Granda
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy