Preview: Fathom Vol. 7 #1

FATHOM Vol. 7 #1

Ron Marz – Story  / Siya Oum – Art / Peter Steigerwald – Colors

1998’s Best-Selling Title of the Year Celebrates 20 Years in 2018!

This all-new adventure for Aspen’s preeminent hero sees her attempt to navigate an ever-changing world where The Blue are not only present above the surface—but exploited in new and dangerous ways. When a rival nation to The States decides to take control of the global landscape by tapping into the power of The Blue, Aspen Matthews discovers that a new adversary has risen to challenge the notion that she is the most powerful person on the planet—and humanity may suffer the consequences! 

Michael Turner and Aspen Comics’ flagship title commemorates its landmark twenty years since its debut in grand fashion! Fathom Vol.7 #1 is written by Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Witchblade), with art by Siya Oum (Lola XOXO), colors by Peter Steigerwald (Soulfire, Fathom), and letters by Zen! (Soulfire, Fathom).

FATHOM vol 7 #1 is in stores June 20th, 2018!

 FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99

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