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Review: Eternity #3


“In a realm beyond the limits of human perception, a group of impossibly powerful beings have laid claim to a human child… Now, to save their son, Abram Adams – the god-like being known as Divinity – and his comrade turned lover, Myshka, must finally reconcile their humanity with the unreal abilities conferred upon them…and journey into the source of their power… Where they will bear witness to the truth of their purpose…and their role in the cosmic reckoning that is to come…”

Eternity #3 is one of two Matt Kindt scripted titles set in the far reaches of space that’s out this week. This one follows Abram Adams, aka Divinity, and Myksha, the Russian Cosmonauts gifted with incredible power after a mission to the far reaches of the galaxy, as they return to the source of their power to rescue their baby from a strange group who are trying to fulfill a prophecy. In it’s simplest terms, Eternity has been about parents literally going to ends of the galaxy for their son, and finding themselves embroiled in a civil war between two factions seeking to take advantage of the death of the Observer.

ETERNITY_003_005Once again Divinity’s preference toward avoiding violence is present, with a poignant internal monologue set against some incredible visuals that show you in moments you’re not in Kansas anymore. The creative team do a fantastic job in introducing you to the world of the Unknown as the story is happening, blending the exposition into the art and dialogue with such effortless grace that you won’t realize how well it’s being done until you’re more than half way through the issue.

Yet despite the comic taking place as far from Earth as you’re likely to get in the Valiant universe, it’s also one of the most intensely human and relatable stories the company have published recently. Eternity #3 is a nigh on perfect comic in a series that brings the focus of the franchise back to Divinity, and the very human soul wielding godlike power and away from the alternate reality Stalinverse. As much as I enjoyed Divinity IIIEternity is shaping up to be a much stronger story in almost every way.

Story: Matt Kindt Penciller: Trevor Hairsine
Inker: Ryan Winn with Stefano Gaudiano Colourist: David Baron
Story: 9 Art: 9.75 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided a FREE copy for review, I’ll still pick up a copy from my LCS

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