Preview: There’s Nothing There Vol. 1


Art by: Maria Llovet
Written by: Patrick Kindlon
In Stores: December 13, 2017

Heading your way on December 13th, Black Mask is proud to present THERE’S NOTHING THERE Vol 1, the collected trade paperback of this stylish and hallucinatory horror comic book mini-series illustrated by Maria Llovet and written by Patrick Kindlon (We Can Never Go Home, SHIELD: Quake).

THERE’S NOTHING THERE is a smart-sexy thriller that takes place in the upper echelons of celebrity culture where power brokers treat young starlets like cattle, but in this twisted tale the world is presented through the prism of the paranormal, the paranoid, and those Hollywood Babylon legends of occult celebrity-sacrifices that might just have a few kernels of truth to them. THERE’S NOTHING THERE gives us a sharp new heroine who plays the game without being anyone’s pawn.

Maria and Patrick’s storytelling is brave and provocative while staying nuanced and sophisticated, bringing us slowly into a surreal world that feels all to real.