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Review: InferNoct #1

Infernoct-1Sometimes a comic comes across your proverbial desk that you have no sweet clue what it’s about other than who it was published by and the issue number. Such is the case with InferNoct #1, published by Scout Comics and written by Mina Elwell who’s join by artist Eli Powell, colourist Tristan Elwell and letterer Marshall Dillon. At this point you now know more about this issue than I did when I picked it up, and in some ways that’s the best way to go into this comic, so I won’t talk about specific plot points or story aspects in this review.

InferNoct exudes atmospheric mood so thick that you can feel it seeping into your nose and down into your gullet where it swirls around for a bit before you’re able to catch a breath… and the cycle continues once again. This is a very good thing, especially for a comic that hovers somewhere around the horror tinged thriller corner of comics (which also feels like a gross over simplification of the comic).  The story telling is fantastically well paced, and reveals just enough to invest you in the story as you question just what the frag is going on. Believe me when I say this requires multiple reads.

This is an incredibly interesting and entertaining issue that has me more excited for the next issue than a lot of other, uh, generational comics that are also coming out at the moment. In fact, I made the comparison to a friend recently that InferNoct #1 would be the museum full of comic book art and history compared to the blank wall of the other comic. This has a unique freshness about it that pulls me in like no comic has since I read my first Valiant comic some three years ago. I’m all in for this series.

Story: Mina Elwell Art: Eli Powell
Colours: Tristan Elwell Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

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