The Alt-Right’s Hero Based Stick Man is Coming to Comics

You might not know the name Brett R. Smith, but there’s a good chance you’ve seen his work through Image, Devil’s Due, Aspen and DC Comics. The colorist is now hoping to make money off of hate by delivering a comic for the pro-Donald Trump conservative movement hate group alt-right.

Smith is a staunch conservative and recently worked on the Clinton Cash graphic novel adaptation which Smith claims was commissioned by White House propagandist Steve Bannon in 2016 in an attempt to sway millennials. That graphic novel become a #1 New York Times bestseller.

Now Smith is working to bring the criminal controversial conservative web celebrity Kyle “Based Stick Man” Chapman to comics.

“Based Stick Man the Alt-Knight” was a nickname given to Chapman after a video featuring him assaulting Antifa protesters with a wooden rod went viral in March during protests at the University of California, Berkeley. He was arrested for the assault and spent a few days in jail during that time he became an alt-right white nationalist celebrity. Chapman has a long history of arrests including robbery, theft, and selling weapons which has led to repeated incarceration and parole violations.

While Chapman doesn’t consider himself racist, his wife is Asian and son half-Asian, he is the founder of the “virtually all-white Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights” and considers himself a “proud defender of ‘American nationalism'”. That has put him on the radar of hate group watchdogs like the Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center. It shouldn’t be surprising he’s become a celebrity in the white power nationalist movement and that celebrity is being turned into a comic.

Now Smith, along with conservative comic writer Mike Baron (Nexus, The Badger), are bringing the racist icon to comics in hopes of taking on the “social justice warriors” in the comic industry. Baron has issues with companies changing the race and gender of characters to reflect the shifting demographics of America as opposed to creating new characters. Baron also apparently overlooks the comic industry’s past history of just slapping on “woman” or “girl” to an existing character (Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl) or long history of mantels being passed down (Hal Jordan to Jon Stewart and the apparently ok Hal Jordan to Guy Gardner).

Smith has said “This is not only a culture war, this is war. The highest form of warfare is to subvert the culture because you don’t have to raise a standing army. We’re never going to change the culture from Washington. We’re going to do it from comics, from movies.”

It’s unknown if Smith and Baron are aware of Chapman’s long rap sheet and their promotion of a repeat violent offender.

This isn’t the first conservative comic to be released and it certainly won’t be the last, but it’s the most blatant attempt for a cash grab to make money off of the alt-right movement in comics.

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  • It’s not racist, my friends. Wait until you read before judging.

    • Your comic is literally being published by a hate group and benefits a violent criminal.

      • And yet, Antifa are labeled heroes for hating Trump and destroying property?

        How more braindead could you be?

      • noo, hes’ with the alt right not antifa. only antifa is an evil hate group that wants to genocyde white people.

        and based stickman has an awesome asian GF!

        explain why white people not wanting to be a minority in their own countries is “being racist”?

        you can’t, cause you have no reason and you are on the wrong side of history!

        better be far right than far wrong

        • “explain why white people not wanting to be a minority in their own countries is “being racist”?”

          Right there shows why this is racist and fucked up. Whites don’t own this country. It’s not “theirs” anymore than any other country is someone’s based on their skin color. It’s not make America great again in your eyes, it’s make America white again. Racist, no other word for it.

    • And happy to read it if you’re game. But, Chapman’s a (white) nationalist which is a racist ideology and group. He’s called for a return to more conservative times, ie a rollback of rights and when white/christian ideology ruled all. He’s being promoted by intolerant individuals. You’re getting in bed with an individual who is a repeated felon. Understand the skepticism?

  • “It’s not racist” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh, you’re serious. When is right-wing ideology not racist?

  • Defending yourself is not assault.

  • I’m honestly not sure aging Conservatives fully understand who they’re getting in bed with when they actively support blatantly racist figures like this. I hope Mike understands that it won’t be an assault on his Conservatism when the shit storm lands on his head over this, but rather an assault on his decision to promote the alt. right, which overtly embraces racism and hatred. You climb in bed with violent racists, you can’t complain when people call you on it.

  • So what’s the premise, storyline, and hero’s backstory of the comic? I’ve heard nothing here but “You are terrible”, “No I’m not”, and “Oh yes you are”. All I can tell you about the character is who created him and that he evidently he has painfully bad fashion sense. No synopsis? No intro?

  • His costume looks like someone hit Random in the City of Heroes character creator, the name they’re going with is the nonsensical “Based Stick Man” … and they’re hoping this character will catch on?

  • You do realize the left in america are actually the ignorant bigots, I don’t live in America but the rest of the world is watching what is going on and it is clear to everyone that the left in America is the problem. Instigating riots, almost constant false accusations of racial assaults all the while committing their own, constantly bringing race into every conversion like someone having a different skin color somehow negates what they say, this is the type of ridiculousness the left in America get up to, acting like fascists and calling anyone who does agree with them one and then trying to silence them with force, the hypocrisy is staggering. The rest of the world see’s your bullshit why can’t you?

    • Yup, it’s the left working to take rights away from individuals and looking to bar people of certain religions from entering the country. Yup, you clearly understand what’s going on.

  • You know, very interesting article. But could your ramp up the bias a bit more? I’m not entirely sure they heard you all the way on Mars.

    Seriously, it’s a comic based off of a meme. A meme based on a guy who was hitting back after anti-fa started trying to beat people up. And sure, the guy the meme is based on has been in jail. Of course, folks like MLK jr. have been in jail, but I suspect you would resist them being labeled “The criminal Martin Luthor King jr.”

    Frankly, I want to thank you. Given your horrriible bias in this article, I’m not even more interested in reading this comic. Because anything that has made someone like you this salty is probably going to be worth reading.

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