Review: The Signal #1


Annie Archaya is a disgraced, former NASA astronomical data analyst who discovers a signal from deep space. Only, the message isn’t from an alien civilization…it’s from a human. Her search for the truth launches her on a journey of self-discovery full of alien conspiracies, government cover-ups, and answers that span the cosmos. Posing the question, are we alone in the universe?

The first issue of The Signal #1 stays away from traditional sci-fi themes for the most part. Instead, the debut issue focuses on the conspiracy and government cover-up about the truth of an approaching alien signal. However, the sci-fi elements are more subtle. That subtlelty from writer Kevin Schwoer keeps things grounded and progresses the plot well as the elements begin to merge.

Much to my surprise, the art by Neil Anderson is colorful. That colorful nature manages to contrast the conspiratorial nature plot in an interesting fashion. With this type of story you’d expect a more grim or gritty look to it all. Somehow it manages to work well together, driving the plot forward.

Story: Kevin Schwoer Art: Neil Anderson
Story: 8.5 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review